Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Insurance

When you are travelling abroad, you will want to ensure a smooth and pleasant trip. Travel insurance protects travelers against various perils which you might encounter in your journey. But many travelers overlook this situation and only realize its value when something goes wrong.

If you are embarking on a foreign trip, here are some tips to buy travel insurance in India.

  • Compare and select

Compare the benefits of various insurance plans. Go beyond the price of the plan and understand the various benefits provided by the plan. Browse through websites of various companies to do a comparison of various options provided by them. Enquire from your insurance provider what it will offer as additional cover as part of travelers insurance quote.

  • Exclusions

When you consult the insurance company about exclusions- it will tell you what will not be covered as per your policy of travel insurance. You must discuss about exclusions with your travel insurer lest you have un realistic expectations when you press for claims.

  • Destination

Your insurance cover will depend on what is your destination. Sum assured will depend on the country you are visiting and the cost of health care in those countries. When health costs are high, premiums to be paid will also be high. For instance healthcare costs in West European countries are much more costly than in South East Asian countries.

  • Process of claim settlement

The best provider of travel insurance is one which has a simple, easy and efficient policy of claim settlement. You must know the claim settlement process of your travel insurer and keep handy the number of their customer support. it is good to buy insurance from a company which will handle in-house, the claim settlement process such that you don’t face any hassles.

  • Holiday plans

Are you planning a trip with risky adventure like kayaking, jet skiing, skiing, rock climbing etc? usually a basic travel insurance policy will not cover risks of such activities. A good plan will include additional cover for such activities.

  • Policy wordings

Before investing in a travel insurance plan, be very sure you understand terms like deductibles, coverage limits etc. This will avoid confusion in the long term.

  • Avoid travel agents

You must strictly avoid purchasing policies which are clubbed with the trip by travel agents. Most of such plans are expensive. It is good to buy travel insurance from a reputed insurance company in India.

  • Rider

One must verify with insurance provider about addition of a rider. This is typically added to an existing plan for the sake of providing cover for costly items like electronics, jewelry, laptops etc.

  • Service for cancellation

Prior to purchasing a travel insurance plan, you must ascertain whether a cancellation cover is available. One common cover offered by companies today are ‘cancellations of trips due to terrorist acts’.

  • Coverage

You must surely ascertain coverage offered by a travel insurance plan. Check whether it is secondary or primary. Secondary travel plans require policy holders to go through an initial standard cover. In comparison, a primary plan provides out and out coverage. One must compare travel insurance India from different companies for coverage.

  • Restrict destination

You must make sure that the travel insurance company must not impose restrictions on your destinations.

These are some tips for buying travel insurance in India.



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