Rock And Roll

A substantial percentage of our planet is formed by rocks. Due to their topology and vulnerability to different elements, several rock formations have changed over the years. Some of these have extensively transformed to divulge an outline of earth’s physical history. Incredible Rocks of India incorporates the pillar rocks, balancing rocks and the very beautiful and famous marble rocks. The size and shape of these natural rocks are so amazing and fascinating that they have been ranked in world’s amazing rock formations listing. Check out the most astonishing rock formations in India.

Toad Rock

A huge rock formation, the Toad Rock resembles a toad and thus receives its name. With its location in the Aravalli range, this rock is not only an icon but also endows travellers with a serene environment comprising of beautiful views of the hills and the lake. If you are interested in trekking or rock climbing, Toad rock along with Camel rock and Nandi rock are some great options.

Gilbert Hill

65 million years old, Gilbert Hill is a 200 feet tall monolith structure of primarily basalt rock, situated in Mumbai. Formed during the Mesozoic Era, it was a result of a massive volcanic explosion that led to squeezing out of this hill from the surface of the earth. This formation is one of two such structures found in the entire world. The other such formation is in Wyoming, USA and is termed as ‘Devil’s Tower’. If you are travelling from Delhi Search for New Delhi to Mumbai flights and witness this marvelous creation.

Yana Rocks

Yana village of Karnataka is quite popular because of its extraordinary rock formations called as Yana Rocks. It is located in the Sahyadri mountain range of the Western Ghats and comprises of two massive rocks; Bhairaveshwara Shikhara which is 120 metres in height and Mohini Shikhara which is 90 metres in height. These huge rocks are made of solid black crystalline limestone.

Marble Rocks

A gorgeous 3 km long gorge along the Narmada River, the Marble rocks are located in the city of Jabalpur. This place is a popular tourist destination in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is famous as bhedaghat. It showcases marble rocks that are one of its kind in the entire country.

Pillar Rocks

Extending to a height of up to 400 feet, the beautiful Kodaikanal Pillar Rocks are made up of three huge granite rocks. Positioned 8 km from the lake tower, visitors are bestowed with a  striking bird’s eye view of the neighbouring far-reaching sceneries.

Phantom Rock

Situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala, the Phantom Rock is an alluring archaeological site. This chunk of natural art is formed as a skull shaped rock over a small boulder which is formed out of massive metamorphic rocks. Locally, it is termed as Cheengeri Mala or Thalappara.

Balancing Rock

Defying all laws of physics, the giant balancing rock, also known as Krishna’s butterball is 5 meters in diameter and is perched on a smooth slope with no support. Its weight is around 250 tons and it stands on a terrifically small and slippery area of a hill. Miraculous, isn’t it?

These astonishing rocks formations in India are definitely worth a visit and should be on your travel bucket list. Keep exploring!


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