Most Beautiful Railway Stations across the Globe!

When the journey takes a toll on you and you want a breather, these beautiful railway stations across the globe will provide the much needed respite. These places have played the perfect backdrop for many  romantic and mysterious stories and it is time you create your own tale when you visit them.

St. Pancras, London

The building of St. Pancras Station looks like a page torn of your drawing book with an imposing Victorian style architecture. Often referred to as the “Cathedral of the Railways”, this one has a red Gothic facade which is said to be the grandest of all the railway stations in Britain. The building is an architectural masterpiece of the Victorian era and is a must visit when you are here.

T-Centralen, Stockholm

The heart of Stockholm metro, T-Centralen is a visual delight. The beautifully painted station is one place where all the 3 lines of Stockholm’s metro system meet and no wonder, it is one of the most used stations of the city.

Gare du Nord, Paris

Gare du Nord in Paris has the distinction of being the busiest station in Europe. Almost 190 million people pass through this station every year. Interesting, isn’t it? Built in Beaux-Arts style, Gare du Nord is reflective of Haussmannian architecture which took over Paris during the mid 1800s.

Dudhsagar Railway Station, India

Situated close to the spectacular Dudhsagar Waterfalls, this railway station is a visual treat to the eyes. Surrounded by lush greenery, scenic beauty and misty mountains, it is a famous tourist attraction in itself. The place is situated at a short road distance from the “Party Capital of India”. Search for flights to Goa to explore and experience this place more. For accomodation, there are various options for luxury Goa Hotels.

Grand Central, New York

One of the most iconic structures in New York, the Grand Central is also a favourite shooting spot for Hollywood filmmakers. The first appearance of the place looks like a studio but actually it is a railway station. The building stands tall with its imposing architecture and is a must visit on your New York trip.

Dunedin Railway Station, New Zealand

Designed in Edwardian Baroque style of architecture, Dunedin Railway Station was the 4th railway station of the city. Its most remarkable feature is the use of light Oamaru stone and dark basalt, giving it a contrasting facade. With its magnificent style and design, this one is definitely an architectural delight.

Komsomolskaya, Moscow

Komsomolskaya in Moscow is one of the most picturesque railway stations in the world with mosaics, murals and paintings. The decor at this place reflects Russia’s quest for Independence and you can see traces of all this when you visit this place. It is the busiest station of the city which connects three major railway terminals.

There are many more to the list! It is time to see them as not just transit points for entry and exit, but as architectural gems that depict the story of a city’s transition.


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